Dream to back and there again


No I don’t
But there again I might
When it’s night
Steal away
In the lake
Dream astray
Real or fake?
Oh, the pink blossom of May!
But to the east
The sun, the fall
And to the west
The moon, and sand for all
Still too soon
In winter time
Get there later then
But get there again
Because if I don’t
Then I won’t
Ever tread the hidden path
Dispel thread of looming wrath
Break and not a day
Too soon
Out of the way
Back through time
Forward in rhyme
And reason
It makes sense
First it gets tense
No way around
Through until found
A place, there!
The tree can see
The road that’s long
But filled with song
That flies like a fluorescent bird
Back to point of mirth
The origin, genesis, birth
Where I find earth instead of dirt
And insane turns into sane
Hearts are the colour of candy canes
My pink haven
The Utopia I am cravin’
On the pavement with the brightest name
My Flamingo Lane

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