About Myriam Heffels


Pasfoto mei 2016My professional journey
What matters to me in my life can be described in seven words:

people, connection, creativity, music, language, curiosity, science

For a long time I couldn’t figure out how to combine all that defines me into something that I’d not only enjoy doing, but that others also might enjoy experiencing. Until I realised that most of all my curiosity about people – how they interact, what moves them – truly drives me. Then I started writing again and it started shaping itself. As a communication advisor it is my job to listen to people and help them to spread their word, and as a creative writer I want to entertain people with my words. With both I hope to inspire and allow others to grow either themselves or their business, in the same way others inspire me and allow me to grow.

The origin of my writing
My writing combines my love for rhythm and music, my gift of language, my British heart and Norwegian soul that – even though I’m Dutch – keep acting up, my curisosity for the universe and a great love for the world of theatre. It’s heart lands on this site of a left handed lyrical romantic with the hope of connecting people, touching their hearts and minds and raising their consiousness if only in the smallest way. Every day and in many ways I try to develop my writing skills. It has lead me to many wonderful people by coincidence, and interesting opportunities to create. Experiences that propelled me to venture out even further with my world of words, poems, lyrics (some with music) and short stories. A sample of which has found its way to this site and your eyes, and is slowly but surely taking shape in the form of a novel.

When you observe people and notice the little things, you can find a wealth of inspiration. When you listen to people, you can pick up on more tales than you can ever tell. When you have imagination, an open heart and open mind, miracles can happen and move the world around you. I hope you enjoy my creative and professional journey as documented here as much as I enjoy being on it. If you are in any way inspired by my work, do follow this site, or drop me a line by using the contactform. If you want to know more about me professionally, check out my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to connecting with you!

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