The blissful life of likes


What face do you give
In the book that you live?
What image do you present?
Are you polished and kempt?

You can count on five likes
If you display your life from the pike
Your happiness will rub off on me
As you weather the hurdles with glee

Like a bird that twitters, you post your fence
Make your mark, your blissful tuppence.
So all know you have a happy life,
It’s so marvellous, abundant, rife.

That’s spiffing, commendable, so power to you!
But you’ll have to admit it is a bit one-sided too
All of us can expect the attendance of grief
At some point even the most positive might need some relief

Who is your shoulder, where do you turn?
In a world where mourning meets spurn
Where do you let it out and have it gone
So it’s vented, accepted, and done?

Patience has gone for tales of strife
Refusal galore of the dark side of life
No place for the cynics, only quick fix
A need for a thumbs up, a finger that flicks

We feel pity for another’s plight
And move on to talk of our delights
Rather than enjoy and simply do
We need to shout about it too.

Likes are nice, sharing is fun
But it doesn’t get all things done
Try it once, close the book, go and see
Get out, listen to the birds in the trees

Nothing can ever replace
The bliss of a face to face
Because ultimately, in the end
There’s nothing better than one real friend.


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