‘What are you doing Henry!?’, she asked
As she walked towards him on the Head
‘I have to go’, Henry replied with troubled heart
The wind sent her the words he said

‘But Henry…I’ve had a lovely time.’
She continued, now in reach to touch his arm
‘And I want to see you again.
And again, and again!’ she laughed with charm
‘But let’s just enjoy this beautiful day.
You never know how many you have left.
Nothing lasts forever they say.’

He looked at her with tenderness
And suddenly seemed
A little less bereft

The waves and the camera were rolling
As the scene slowly did unfold
At the end of another beginning
The parallel to this story told.

Some talk of ships passing in the night
Yet they seemed like kites
In the sun, with the wind that blew
they flew
Not holding on to each others tails
But their fates are intertwined
By invisible strings as nothing fails
And every downward fall
Will see them upwards blowing,
onwards growing
That is how things must be
A simple case of destiny

The sun embraced Henry’s silhouette
A shadow fell from behind
He seemed an image from the past,
On the Head that met their mind
Her presence there was as should be
Comforting resemblance in the effigy

The wind was silent, the sea so calm
Even nature had resigned
Nothing lasts forever, no.
But this life has been so kind
To grant the wind beneath their wings
So their kites can fly with solid strings
That tie one heart, one mind.

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

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