Opening night at the zoo


The zoo.
A trip around the world – oh glee! –
for those deprived or with no ability
to travel and see
gorilla, giraffe or elephant
in their natural habitat.

A far away place that is lost
to the animals concerned,
as they live purely on display,
to get captured by flash fotography,
expected to pose in a nicely adorned array.

Monkeys up in the trees
and we don’t give a monkeys
that they have lost their liberties.
Predators prevented to bite, or chase,
to hunt, growl or show any trace
of what comes natural to all but
Us, who are so out of touch with nature.
What do they serve to showcase?

Aren’t we – the humans – a breed superior!
We are of course earth’s benefactor.
But, that is only the exterior.
A story that lulls our minds
until Amazon and reason
reach extinction.

No difference between
a gorilla in a cage,
or a film star amidst red carpet rage.
Except, she has opening night.

As lights and teeth flash,
all apes have their bash.
And all who watch and see
believe they have a right to be
there to pry, to vie
for such attention.

It’s the right to… What?
Entertainment? Education?
Is it an augmentation of reality,
or a momentary lapse of sanity?

See how those rainforests blossom!
Imagine earth as God’s zoo.
Would (s)he enjoy the view?
Would you?

©2014, Myriam Heffels

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