The secret garden


In a land of lanes,
a magnificent garden emerged
bordered by a fence
to protect what’s inside.
It’s a sacred place to hide.

It’s a garden of Eden.
Flowers vibrant with colour and with soul
and no one can touch.
Maybe a fool’s paradise,
but such a treat to the eyes.

No one is allowed to ever taint it.
It’s so pure and so bright.
And truth grows abundant,
born from a living tree
and two beating hearts roaming free.

Still somewhere in a dark corner,
towers the highest wall.
A secret space that calls,
but it’s obscured from view.
No one ever really got through.

Only one owns the key.
She passes through unseen
and walks past the gate
to her pasture of fate,
where she sits day after day
to see the boy play.

He’s a marvel to watch
even if she can’t touch
and he doesn’t see,
how she tends to the weed.
She will always know
why this garden could grow.

And when the sun sets,
she takes her bucket of weed
and goes out to meet
her tears by the stream,
and nurture her own dream.

In a land of lanes
the garden did blossom
and the most splendid of creatures
lives well protected deep inside
until, maybe, some day,
no more need to hide.

Dedicated to the boy, with gratitude for what once was and forever will be

©2014, Myriam Heffels

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