Edge of blade


Narcissus, the horrific demon
can rear an ugly head
to devour all intentions
turn all that’s good to bad

When the demon’s in the house
there’s no space to run free
Behind the wall’s another one
and there’s tons of dark debris

A demon no one can withstand
as his cave is deep and far
Some tried to reach him with a heart
but each time he leaves a scar

This demon knows his game
and ensconsed deep in his lair
he allows no one to approach
and taints even love that’s fair.

A demon that is drowned in spirit
and billows out his evil smoke
keeps all in state of freeze
and thus detains the nicest bloke

Let demon execute the prophecy
so all who’re sane will run away
and the bloke can gloat in greatness
as proven right they would not stay

Sad this demon gets his way
and his hold can be so strong
that great potential cannot unfold
and all others are always wrong

There’s hope the demon could be slain
but there’s only one that can
If choice is made to stick to old
there’s no rescue for the man

If I had no demon of my own
I’d take to the crusade
But this task appointed to my soul
just got cut on edge of blade

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