The Halls of Equanimity


Truth lies
and is
and can
and finds
what it is
On which path
to which side
does she belong?

The light shines
and was
and knows
and finds
a way ahead
Even before the sun
moon and stars
was she unseen, but here?

A light out of darkness
A truth in the middle
which shines a light
on the truth

In the halls of equanimity
all balances on one line
Both pain and joy together
All feature, every living creature
protected by walls so high
and all will be revealed
when entered under the tree of life.

As the spires aspire
to touch heaven’s leaves
and as the entered hearts
release their self-imprisoned grief
a heavenly choir of natures works
concieved, guided by hand of genius
sings what arose
Arises still

The light of truth
as it was seen
and made to see
from the vision of Gaudi

A gift of equanimity
to reign for an eternity

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