St. Martin’s day


It is St. Martin’s Day
Yesterday, today, every day.
Celebrate the legacy
she landed on.
She stands on
the giants in her veins.

One lost to time but in her blood.
One beloved gone and by her side.
One name that shows where she must fly.
One master living in her heart and mind.

She hears a call
of the familiar
She takes her fall
through time

Until she finds her feet
and her voice,
all she can ever send are her words
– armour of choice –
and pray to be found.

The mailman still keeps sending it all
back to her.
Address still unknown,
but it travels on the breath of fate,
of a leap of faith,
of seeds needed to be sown.

When she called to St. John
he helped her give birth to her sun
on St. Martin’s Day.

The muse keeps singing to her
to make up her mind and bounce the cloud,
to muster courage and find her way around.
This karmic edifice
can’t ever tumble down.
She is his Magdalene,
She owns the crown.

He will be waiting in the wings,
thank those who paved her way.
He’ll rise her from an early grave,
To live, to love and play.

And she will pray
forever and another day,
and celebrate St. Martin’s Day.
©2021, Myriam Heffels

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