The road that’s taken


If anyone needs directions
to No Man’s land
Come and see me
It’s my territory!

I’m quite specialised
(This took years of practice)
To find my way and clear the maze.
Just follow the road that’s taken
Where knights in shining armour pass
And I remain forsaken

Read any fairy tale, it’s no surprise
All heroins end up with a prince
And living happily ever after
Cinderella, when she came of age
Found her guy (or he found her,
it goes both ways)
An unlikely tale, such odds to beat
They were quite an unexpected pair
But a girl and story to my heart
As the shoe fit and that seemed so fair
She deserved him from the start

When my age came
I knew there would be trouble
And with IQ approaching genious
You can bet that it will double
The first was hardly a knight (merely in song,
but the west wind couldn’t remember my name,
so he got it wrong)
Then outside forces demanded flaring attention,
With an option blatantly insane
It did however definitely address
That long before I started my quest
I prophesised much of the plot
Even said it out loud more than once
(mum still knows it, though she’d rather not,
as it’s an abomination)

I mingled with the clever lot
Men galore! And mind was met, but not
To point of fatal inspiration
The mathematician could have done
(and he sung!)
But that got stuck in the Roman sun
In came the fat man that didn’t sing
(In fact I’m not sure what he could do,
but he had a smashing IQ)
So at the games the curtains fell
While the thread…
Did not, it insisted in head
And at that point it really seemed
That the mutual spark is just a dream

When others pointed out to me
I might be stuck on skilled security
It turned out to work and be quite safe
But things are clearly wrong
When he has never inspired any song
and in the end it is only rain
That leaves you soaking wet
Some things were never met
Well…, maybe once or twice.

With trumpet sound redemption came
(even lightning in the sky, woe is me)
I played a dangerous but futile game
Someone like you’s a fairy indeed
But he had me freed!
And I’m still having the gayest of times
As he has both voice and mind.

To Cupid I am a laughing stock
And I myself am surely to blame
Doesn’t help I have a definite tendency
To avoid any dependency
And my prospects were already lame
So I’m in the loony bin of No Man’s land
Waiting for the invitation to the ball.
While serving a meaningless contract
that I might need to have annulled.
My prince is past his prime now
Might not have a castle or a horse
Still I will offer him my foot
If he can see through the layer of soot
And dares to fit me the slipper.

First though he must find me
And decide that I’m the one
They’re big shoes to fill you see
So it’s hard to see it done
I therefore pledge to just reside
In merry, merry No Man’s land
Where I dressed my tree with pride
And made my new year’s resolutions
With mind that’s met and heart so light
I now live in the best of nations

And maybe, if I devotedly sweep my floor
A prince that like me deserves so much more
Will one day come knocking on my door
And we’ll have our own ball
Swinging from the rafters
We’ll thoroughly enjoy ourselves
Without giving a hoot
About boring happily ever afters

©2013 Myriam Heffels