Brain fog


The world wears a shroud
Thin veil that obscures
The frightening or at fault
Shields soul in a bubble
Where all well and safe
Beyond the vulture’s grasp
Beyond need not know
Beyond need not venture
Beyond need not feel

Pain numbed
And voice subdued
Forget and be forgotten
Seemingly stand protected
As sight only reaches
As far as eyes can see
Beyond a world lost
Beyond love might fail
Beyond life might end
Beyond fear might rule

But my mind’s eye sees
Knows my incapsulated passion
Hidden in this white shroud
It waits to dare
It wants to rise
from her veiled grave
Reincarnate in colour
And fly as high as she has vowed

©2022 Myriam Heffels

Many times before


I have met you many times before
Yet we have never met
We must have passed in our city’s streets
Or you once flew over my head

I have met you many times before
At nighttime when I close my eyes
You appear so vividly in my dream
My soul, then called, takes wing and flies

I have met you many times before
Like ships passing in the night
Before the lighthouse illuminated us
By calling forth its light

I will meet you once again
Oh if only I knew when this will be
Trust that the universe will tell
And my soul will not just feel but see

How I have met you many times before
And next will not be last
We are bound to this, our quest
Which we set out upon in eons past

As in a meeting of us both
With instant melting of our hearts
We can serve our world’s desires
As a sum greater than its lonely parts

©2021 Myriam Heffels