How will I be remembered?


I was diminished
And I agreed
Outnumbered ruthlessly
Then nailed to the floor
And stigmatised
Deeply stigmatised
Never will I be
Crucified to your cause again

How will I be remembered
When my life is tempered?
Forsaken by all
But I tried
Before I died

I stand alone
Face the rain
The endless river
I cried into the sea
Before tears dried
Now they are dried
Always will I have
My smile upon my face

How will I be remembered
After the world has ended?
No one left to see
All the scars
Of endless wars

I walked away
From the edge
The bottomless pit
Where I once resided
Before I climbed
Up I climbed
Never will I go
Back into my murky shadow

I don’t need to be remembered
When my soul is rendered
Back to it’s home in the light
Finally free
I am me

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