From the gut, from the pit
Venom wells up and is spit
It’s conductive
Only to the self destructive
Cheats, defeats, hurts much to boot
And mars those it concerns

It wants to wreck, wants to hide
What has become naked to the eye
The absence of control
The surrender of the soul
To the journey that is right
The indomitable desire to let go

By heart that now bleeds
The transfusion it needs
Is readily accepted
As the passion that burns
And the will to grow and learn
Is stronger than the fear

But as the mind shifts, bends
The ego resists its end
So voices of doubt still reside
To fight destruction of habits once safe
But now proven to be inane and concave
There is conflict with every leap

All foundations are crumbling
Out of time, falling, tumbling
Praying to be safe, to be caught
By transformation complete
And a world no longer boring or bleak
But overhauled, uprooted, alive

Dawn will break, light will arrive,
Bringing perspective of a different life
Of excitement, inspiration and joy
No limits to options, no fears to create
The rebirth of true talents innate
And hope you’re still standing when the storm ends.

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