A = x+y+z


Now there was a man
With a face like a roadmap
And a mind so sublime
Understood the dimension of time
Driven to score, but also of the humble kind

So Einstein took upon himself the quest
To figure out how universe works
‘Some things need ratification
Let me work out the equation.’

E=MC squared,
C explained to be the set speed of light.
Thus when matter is much, energy is high.
That’s some physics all right,
But it hasn’t outdone
The work of Isaac Newton
What goes up must come down
Gravity makes the world go round
It’s a roller coaster ride

This law of mechanics
Needs some relativity
So for a quantum leap
What parameters should I keep?
I’ll take to mathematics
With all its useful antics

If A=X+Y+Z
Are all of them known?
Are some of them off?
What am I being shown?
How do I call the universe’s bluff?

If X and Y are joined
And I put two and two together
While silence denotes Z…
Well, let me see…
Must I then take the root
Or square them to shoot
This ball into the net?

What do I subtract
How separate fiction from fact?
Do I go for the integral equation
Or first tackle long division?

I know if I fix this
I’ll be greeted with pomp
And a Nobel Prize of Physics
But it’s not what I want
Politics are only for now
Equations…for eternity they stand

So I am driven to get it
And I am destined to score
I will solve this equation
And before all dissolves
I will bring to the fore:

All problems have a solution
In the heart of mankind
From the power of the human mind
Imagination is greater than knowledge
As some things will be kept unsolved
And the mystery, the trust, the intuition
Are a most important addition
To acquire the desired:

Or to quote Einstein, who was a poet in his own right:
If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.

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