From send to receive
How do we perceive

Source of misunderstanding
Or comfort, or branding
When spoken or read
In a brawl, or just said

You can use them, or weigh them
To explain or negate
To reach out or pontificate
Tweak them, tweet them
Hide behind logo, omen, symbol, sign
Either as evil or benign

They are a form of art
And intellect’s start
Distinctively setting homo sapiens apart
As language was key
To evolution, history
But also made wars come to be

Ambiguously used
Verbal bliss or abuse
In a letter or ruse
Above all to be heard
Sometimes to point of absurd
Or to support vision blurred

We need them, we feed them
We do like to shout
But if no one receives them
They were maybe too loud

Sometimes silence can say more
Reveal a hidden core
A space galore
To be filled again with more

Silence is golden, and a good place to start
Because listening can be hard
And many fail to do
No need to devalue

But sometimes all is said
And it’s time for quiet instead

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