Tick tock


Tick tock, words of the clock
On stretch of sand, wide as time
Endless grains to clasp in hand
Falling through, no longer mine
Lost into an abyss, days gone by
Of May or summer, with hope and sigh
Collecting shells, for hollow heart
Stuck like glue to firm belief
In transcending hurt, overcoming grief

As cruel as fate those granules are
So move ever on yet won’t get far
As the dream by night anew revolves
Endlessly lost inside the city
Lost to the sea, lost now to be
Until it lays bare the bone
While all that once was shown
Remains buried in unknown
Always behind the bend
A dream that has no end
It is all she finds as known
Together alone, and on her own

Solitary child that sits for hours, watch
Contemplative, and unwanted ever more
Relentless, without pity, waves crash
Drowning thoughts upon the shore
Waves that can be seen, are lost
As only the water can be touched
Ever waiting for the better
On her own, not alone together
Best to learn until forever forgot

What the mind of eye can draw
Pavillion of yore, water tower and beach
Captured as impressionistic painter saw
Dream your day, the shore’s out of reach
Write her down, close to the ground
Where the most obvious of answers
Keep falling in between
The words not spoken, lost to sound
And ample thoughts to dread
Have clock tick-tock-ticking
Until time for bed

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