The lord of friendship


One of the greatest stories ever conceived
From human imagination
Recites the journey of a ring
And its master’s evil dominion

What I love most about that tale
Is not the great adventure
Nor the fellowship that set out
Nor their pledge so stellar
Not even the odds the good guys beat
By fighting selflessly for their world
And never ever giving up
Even if they seemed to face defeat

I think of Frodo and his precious mission
Which he accepted without a doubt
But most of all that destiny wouldn’t see fruition
If kindhearted Sam hadn’t been about

His curiosity sent him on a destined path
To offer friendship even in the direst of times
Never thinking of the aftermath
As he belonged by Frodo’s side

The tiniest trace of human goodness
Deserved his relentless defending
The one line that says it all,
– spoken just before victory,
while doom was still impending –
Sums up his amity most true
‘I can’t carry it for you Mr. Frodo
But I can carry you.’

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