The Heart of Christmas


It starts months before
Heats as summer’s still on
But come November
Glitters edge to the fore
Baubles and lights
Trees and garlands
Present in every store
Shop ’til you drop
Something unique
It needs to be personal
Spend a fortune a pop
For trinkets wrapped with bow
Can’t say no, so
Here we go

Deck the halls
Mistletoe for kissing
No time though for that
Can’t have a thing missing
So on quest for the pine
The one most divine
To be dressed to the T
Nothing less can be fine
Oh and what about me!?
Where would I be
If I can’t find the right attire!
Later on, we’ll conspire
Now back to list
And other arangements
To be perfect is gist

As the date nears
The dream of White Christmas
Teases the ears
But as temperatures rise
Not a flake in sight
Tensions also mount
Need to make every second count
Joy to the world!
And to the grocer
Who receives customer King
Elbowing in hordes
Jostling, plundering
With shopping list in hand
On a quest to find
That one particular brand
Of tidbit or kickshaw of kind

Crackers galore
Still, we need to get more
When the eve approaches
The urgency starts itching
Let’s get into kitchen
Reside there for days
Grind, chop and stir
Into pots and up a holiday blur
Away in a manger
Jesus awakes
The stockings are filled
No crying he makes
Pudding on fire
Give all that it takes
As mass has expired
And time has run out

Family comes to call
Once in royal David’s city
Diner served by servant to all
Now time for nitty gritty
All must be of good cheer
As presents are opened
And discontent creeps near
Then gone in a day
The work of half a year
Hark the herald angels sing!
What did they bring?
Just pressure of peer

Mariah sings she wants all
There’s just one thing that will do
I say: Stuff the turkey!
Keep all the food!
Goodbye to festive expectations
Unreasonably high
Bring in the tree
But forget all the presents.
Let Santa and Rudolph pass by
Put a log on the hearth
Pour me one glass of red
It’s the company that matters
It’s the heart that is met
All I want for Christmas
– this really is true –
Is peace on this earth
And you.

©2013, Myriam Heffels

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