The lady with the clump foot


‘In a vacuum,
there’s no travel of sound.
So is mustn’t have been loud.
But we now know
The bang was big’,
Said the lady with the clump foot

‘It took many years
Scholars scratching heads
Professors theorising strings
But they couldn’t measure threads
As all just keeps expanding.’

‘Einstein was a clever fellow.
He saw all is relative.
And cosmology
breeds anything but misanthropy
As proved by the isotropy
Since that bang,
we move in equal directions.
But walls around all sections
Obscure that view’

‘We’re all in a giant micro wave
A nuclear mess no summit can stem
Eons ago it fried a chicken from hell
And his mates, in meteoric mayhem
While here we are and we can’t even save
My foot!’

‘All this knowledge, yet I’m still limping’,
and she pointed at the clump.
Honestly, no one has a clue!
Most of us are numb.
Either we think, or we do
But how do we connect the two?’

‘You needn’t sympathise with my plight
Because I think on my feet
And I consider myself blessed!
See the world race past like rats, obsessed
But disconnected from the need
I can calculate the speed of light
And then shine it in the night.’

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

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