Aries (and the sun is waiting)


The door opens.
Freedom on wheels.
And the sun is waiting.

With a grin stretched
from ear to ear.
So wide, the girl met
returns it in surprise.

As a woman in white
empties her bucket,
balloons float mid air
and the child looks up in wonder
and reminds of the one
she will soon kiss.
And the sun is waiting.

Acceleration, elation.
In fifth gear today.
Past grass that is waving,
swing from blossomed tree
and the speed of life
turns all lights to green.

On the eve of the fools,
she now counts the days.
Four more,
for a new year to score,
on the approach of half time
change of order proceeds.
And the sun is waiting.

Initiation anew.
Miles done,
mountains to come.
And the sun
promises a life of fun
as it rules Aries.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

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