The Light House


The clock strikes
The lighthouse lamp fell silent
and now the sun lights
a day that could surpass all nights

A deep breath,
as the chest begged to be opened
and her wish fell
like the star
that landed in her lap
and danced in her eye

The ultimate formation
in honour of reciprocation
or a conspiracy well hidden?
A sum once parted,
and living in the contingency
of the penny and its drop

In the shadows
in the sacred space
A child is waiting
Wanting to be born
but fatherless still
His whispers go unanswered

A house of one home
but only where the moon cries
Little by little the heart dies
Always somewhere gone, far and near
and living in a purgatory
within all realms and without reason

The stages of grief
unfold in a mechanism
of quench and elude
Damage to no consequence, never so
for love is unconditional, ever so
Twin flames in their eternal karmic show

Peaks of two triangles
Fence her in the centre of the star
Where the light hides, now halfway post meridian
Still no culmination in sight
The path, as her dream, leads back to night
Her predecessors hold her hand and know

Sliced by the axis of nodes, true or mean
Northbound lies a Libran destiny
The Gods of the eras were in favour
of the reunion of their souls
But the crossroads loom so perilous
she risks to drown again by the seaside

Many miles diverted
Within hopelessness still alerted
An ocean black and deserted
Harbour blocked by chaos and disorder
Inside a tomb she dwells, a lonely prisoner
muted, still wearing her invisibility cloak

Who is she? A forgotten mystery
In a very unusual way
she holds the cards, rings the Belle
but stays the dream in which she walks
No solace, never respite – she sighs
The onset of another night

Times of the end being nigh
Over, and…over
Not the love of the life
of the love of her life
A truth promising the return of dark
Heart devoid of time, space, spark

Angel hour, but not one to one,
and twilight on this summer night
has faded under a bloodred sky
Aurora bids her pole goodbye
Riddles linger on in the starry dark
Can the Universe lie?

The spell has been broken
and the ghouls now run free
Cinderella retrieves her ashes
Glass shattered on her bleeding feet
She knows as the embers glow
Some things cannot be lost, nor solved

The clock strikes
Time ouroborically bites
The writer writes
from her ante meridian rites:

So she looked out over the sea.’

On the shore of her darkest night
the lighthouse calls forth its light
Illuminates the indivisible truth
Forever obscured but unable to hide

What dies
is only the dark
that keeps us
from being born again
into the light

©2014, Myriam Heffels

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The Halls of Equanimity


Truth lies
and is
and can
and finds
what it is
On which path
to which side
does she belong?

The light shines
and was
and knows
and finds
a way ahead
Even before the sun
moon and stars
was she unseen, but here?

A light out of darkness
A truth in the middle
which shines a light
on the truth

In the halls of equanimity
all balances on one line
Both pain and joy together
All feature, every living creature
protected by walls so high
and all will be revealed
when entered under the tree of life.

As the spires aspire
to touch heaven’s leaves
and as the entered hearts
release their self-imprisoned grief
a heavenly choir of natures works
concieved, guided by hand of genius
sings what arose
Arises still

The light of truth
as it was seen
and made to see
from the vision of Gaudi

A gift of equanimity
to reign for an eternity

Lost in one moment


turns to chaos

of the moment

only a distant enemy

Trapped in what now feels
is the only way out
The Trilogy unfolds
A question with one answer

He attempts
to tempt fate without

Can’t bear any doubt
Can’t relax his control
Can’t trust love will be there
for him too

Even if he can’t see it
Even if he can’t feel it
He can’t lose it

Unless he loses himself
in this strange lust

cuts him off
from every magnificent promise
his life holds

Now no more

Every dream
could have come true
as down will go up
Universal law
If he dared to let go
he would find the unconditional

His death did not save him
but the light of eternity

his soul as
she forgives
she no longer lives
but shines in the image of

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Fill your shoes


Innate visions
Some naive, but core
is always centre of truth

Dream without limits
as no dream is based in reality
Borders are only meant
to believe they can be crossed

Then take it in
Bring it to feet
even if the shoes
seem too big
The dream never is

Let footfalls
one by one
pin the dream
down from the cloud

With age
feet are know to grow
and even if late
those shoes can grow to fit

Lapse or leap


Lapse or leap:
What does it denote
when the length of the rope
could serve to skip with joy
yet all it does is throttle?

Stars in the eyes
now left swimming all over
induced by polar opposites
at the extremes of the spectrum

The truth in the middle
cannot unfold
if one end is a hostage
that turns cold
in the face of the fire
there to consume all
until the heart is laid bare
to trample on once more

Three cheers for the bully
who leaves with the prize
and thinks it’s a game
What seems a competition
is solid presence with volition
to stem a pain that turned
into monster having a ball.

No use to suffer abuse
None shall ever pass
and sudden but certain death
is the ticket that calls:
Move on!
This leap has just elapsed



in fear of crashing
but already tumbling
from head over heels
to nails in her hands
Now the building comes down

A falling man
passes the floors
and catches the eyes
Yet, she was forgotten
when she hit the ground
Gone in a second
Love lost this round

In the face of the mirror
a life that is priceless
pays a price for its faith
Its worth will continue
even if threads are severed
and ties are cut
Mortal is just a state of mind

On the debris
of ages of dark
and suppression of souls
One thing emerges
One thing still stands
With the passing of time
New flowers will grow
Love will show
Life will go

Edge of blade


Narcissus, the horrific demon
can rear an ugly head
to devour all intentions
turn all that’s good to bad

When the demon’s in the house
there’s no space to run free
Behind the wall’s another one
and there’s tons of dark debris

A demon no one can withstand
as his cave is deep and far
Some tried to reach him with a heart
but each time he leaves a scar

This demon knows his game
and ensconsed deep in his lair
he allows no one to approach
and taints even love that’s fair.

A demon that is drowned in spirit
and billows out his evil smoke
keeps all in state of freeze
and thus detains the nicest bloke

Let demon execute the prophecy
so all who’re sane will run away
and the bloke can gloat in greatness
as proven right they would not stay

Sad this demon gets his way
and his hold can be so strong
that great potential cannot unfold
and all others are always wrong

There’s hope the demon could be slain
but there’s only one that can
If choice is made to stick to old
there’s no rescue for the man

If I had no demon of my own
I’d take to the crusade
But this task appointed to my soul
just got cut on edge of blade

Words I need


Halfway through my sentence
I stutter, I pause
Not for effect,
not for applause

A loss for words
as mind seems absent
when in fact it travels fast,
faster than speed of light
to meet the present,
elusive and heaven cast

On the highway
of a parallel freqency
many miles and off the ground
but close to the heart
approach the words I need
but that got lost from sound

Is it just a coincidence
which happens from time to time?
I take it as read.
The most beautiful sign.

When you finish my sentence,
it is a treasure most divine:
Your mind can melt with mine.

©2014 Myriam Heffels