Aries (and the sun is waiting)


The door opens.
Freedom on wheels.
And the sun is waiting.

With a grin stretched
from ear to ear.
So wide, the girl met
returns it in surprise.

As a woman in white
empties her bucket,
balloons float mid air
and the child looks up in wonder
and reminds of the one
she will soon kiss.
And the sun is waiting.

Acceleration, elation.
In fifth gear today.
Past grass that is waving,
swing from blossomed tree
and the speed of life
turns all lights to green.

On the eve of the fools,
she now counts the days.
Four more,
for a new year to score,
on the approach of half time
change of order proceeds.
And the sun is waiting.

Initiation anew.
Miles done,
mountains to come.
And the sun
promises a life of fun
as it rules Aries.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

The lady with the clump foot


‘In a vacuum,
there’s no travel of sound.
So is mustn’t have been loud.
But we now know
The bang was big’,
Said the lady with the clump foot

‘It took many years
Scholars scratching heads
Professors theorising strings
But they couldn’t measure threads
As all just keeps expanding.’

‘Einstein was a clever fellow.
He saw all is relative.
And cosmology
breeds anything but misanthropy
As proved by the isotropy
Since that bang,
we move in equal directions.
But walls around all sections
Obscure that view’

‘We’re all in a giant micro wave
A nuclear mess no summit can stem
Eons ago it fried a chicken from hell
And his mates, in meteoric mayhem
While here we are and we can’t even save
My foot!’

‘All this knowledge, yet I’m still limping’,
and she pointed at the clump.
Honestly, no one has a clue!
Most of us are numb.
Either we think, or we do
But how do we connect the two?’

‘You needn’t sympathise with my plight
Because I think on my feet
And I consider myself blessed!
See the world race past like rats, obsessed
But disconnected from the need
I can calculate the speed of light
And then shine it in the night.’

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

The orchids have died


The orchids have died
Withered, dried
No care could have saved them
Even if we tried

They were tended and grown
By a delicate hand
Once only a sprig
In a faraway land

Flown to the realm
Of the folk who have all
And believe to command
With immunity to fall

But when blue birds are silenced
And speech of freedom is lost
The beauty of Phaleonopsis
Cannot meet the cost

So a forest of colour
Has grown out of sight
And with the death of honour
Seems forlorn at onset of night

But behold, there is light!
When those of lesser valour
Fall and expose their hollow plight
All eyes opened by the horror
That can no more be denied…

Now the orchids have died
Water stopped flowing and they dried
None alone could ever save them
And survive this ferocious pesticide

But it is not too late
Remember how once before began
Don’t press repeat, turn fate
Of this forest of colour
Redeem our honour
See the exotic flowers blossom
Anew. As now we fathom
And now we have tried

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

Initiation of a crowd


As night falls, they gather
From all corners, donating alms
To a secret communion
In the realms,
the great dominion
Of the entertaining halls

From the front of the stalls
The countless bobbing heads
Seem an undetermined crowd
All came in by number
Minds still on the day
But faces already less grey

Hostess gives a shout
‘Ladies and gentlemen!’
The rest is tuned out
Just like the day
A seat situation unfolds
Bit of fuss created
As the ticket holds
A rightful place debated

Meanwhile program is sold
The essence of commerce
Accepted as part of play
At only four quid
There’s no reason to deny it
And we want this communion to stay

Then some are told
To not trip up the plot
While Helen sorts the seated lot
And Liam’s quite the organiser
The wave moves one up
And Ann is happy to snuggle in

Discussion still goes on
Concluded with ‘what a mess,
but my oh my, Helen, well done’
Chitter chatter diminishes, then is gone.
Finally. Let it begin.
Oh, first two laggards are ushered in…

Now all is really set
Lights go down, lights go up
The crowd is met
And in silence it lets
The magic happen

This secret crowd communion,
In the realms, this dominion
Brings tears, roars and sniggers
Moves the individual
Has world outside forgotten

At least until the interval

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

An angel’s lament


The angel looked down
And she saw with a frown:
‘Another vigil,
Another hero gone.
She was someone’s daughter.
He was someone’s son.’

‘They could have lived,
They could have walked
The earth that now entrenches their soul.
For they could not pass by the call
Of anger displayed
From fear and dismay.’
A world gone crazy
From power we all set free:
The madness of the despot,
The necessity of riot,
The lure of uproar,
The promise of war.

Jesus turned the other cheek
Now we think that he was weak
Isn’t it funny we forget,
How he then rose from his death?
He chose not to perpetuate the thread
Of violence, and pain that still is spread
Through ages and eons.
Children with guns.
On, and on, and on.
It will never be done,
Unless we stop reacting.
See the value of not acting
With weapon, fist, or word
To dispute and fight another war.

All for the sake of nothing
But the presumption of revenge.
The enemy percieved
Seemingly out there,
Actually nowhere.
Only wrath within,
Requital for an invisible sin.
She got caught, he was killed.
They left behind an empty space,
That for years could have been filled
By their asset to the human race.

Now a mother is left to cry
And the angel sighs ‘Why?’
Joy and peace are not allowed,
When the hero is created
By the power of the crowd
And the mind is boggled
By a cause that leads to doubt.
Victory demands prevalence
And reason is no longer found.

Our minds have us deceived,
So we squander lives received
And leave ourselves bereaved.
The angel never conceived…
Jesus’ words are vehemently preached
While our hearts remain beseiged.

Countless heros gone
And the count still goes on.
‘When will it be done?
Who dares to break the spell?
Stop this self-fulfilling prophecy of Hell?’
The angel thought aggrieved:
‘Heaven could be Earth if they believed’

©2014, Myriam Heffels

The Heart of Christmas


It starts months before
Heats as summer’s still on
But come November
Glitters edge to the fore
Baubles and lights
Trees and garlands
Present in every store
Shop ’til you drop
Something unique
It needs to be personal
Spend a fortune a pop
For trinkets wrapped with bow
Can’t say no, so
Here we go

Deck the halls
Mistletoe for kissing
No time though for that
Can’t have a thing missing
So on quest for the pine
The one most divine
To be dressed to the T
Nothing less can be fine
Oh and what about me!?
Where would I be
If I can’t find the right attire!
Later on, we’ll conspire
Now back to list
And other arangements
To be perfect is gist

As the date nears
The dream of White Christmas
Teases the ears
But as temperatures rise
Not a flake in sight
Tensions also mount
Need to make every second count
Joy to the world!
And to the grocer
Who receives customer King
Elbowing in hordes
Jostling, plundering
With shopping list in hand
On a quest to find
That one particular brand
Of tidbit or kickshaw of kind

Crackers galore
Still, we need to get more
When the eve approaches
The urgency starts itching
Let’s get into kitchen
Reside there for days
Grind, chop and stir
Into pots and up a holiday blur
Away in a manger
Jesus awakes
The stockings are filled
No crying he makes
Pudding on fire
Give all that it takes
As mass has expired
And time has run out

Family comes to call
Once in royal David’s city
Diner served by servant to all
Now time for nitty gritty
All must be of good cheer
As presents are opened
And discontent creeps near
Then gone in a day
The work of half a year
Hark the herald angels sing!
What did they bring?
Just pressure of peer

Mariah sings she wants all
There’s just one thing that will do
I say: Stuff the turkey!
Keep all the food!
Goodbye to festive expectations
Unreasonably high
Bring in the tree
But forget all the presents.
Let Santa and Rudolph pass by
Put a log on the hearth
Pour me one glass of red
It’s the company that matters
It’s the heart that is met
All I want for Christmas
– this really is true –
Is peace on this earth
And you.

The ominous trees of light


The trees were still there
(The ominous ones)
They looked out onto the lake
Had some floating ducks, coots
and one heron in their wake
Yet things were different
Than when I sat there many months before
In the grey of dark and with heavy heart
While this day I had two stones to cast,
And knew there’d soon be more
This load is getting ever lighter
As I learn to shine even brighter

The trees were no longer sad and dark
They were fitted with these lights
Not the fairy festive things
But white lampshades equipped with strings
Dangling like pendulums in the wind
As multiple confirmation
Of the validity of my situation

The heron spread its wings,
Against the reddening evening sky
The air was clear and bright and crisp
While an aeroplane flew by
Past one lone star beside the moon
Positioned opposite the sun: my boon.
I thought of Buddha who once recounted
‘Three things cannot long be hidden:
the sun, the moon and the truth’
With tenacity, adversity will be surmounted

The birds and trees
The luminaries and bees
Trails of clouds and Buddha confirmed
What I already knew:
All I know to know still holds true
As the plane and heron flew
Someday soon I will do too

©2013, Myriam Heffels

Tick tock


Tick tock, words of the clock
On stretch of sand, wide as time
Endless grains to clasp in hand
Falling through, no longer mine
Lost into an abyss, days gone by
Of May or summer, with hope and sigh
Collecting shells, for hollow heart
Stuck like glue to firm belief
In transcending hurt, overcoming grief

As cruel as fate those granules are
So move ever on yet won’t get far
As the dream by night anew revolves
Endlessly lost inside the city
Lost to the sea, lost now to be
Until it lays bare the bone
While all that once was shown
Remains buried in unknown
Always behind the bend
A dream that has no end
It is all she finds as known
Together alone, and on her own

Solitary child that sits for hours, watch
Contemplative, and unwanted ever more
Relentless, without pity, waves crash
Drowning thoughts upon the shore
Waves that can be seen, are lost
As only the water can be touched
Ever waiting for the better
On her own, not alone together
Best to learn until forever forgot

What the mind of eye can draw
Pavillion of yore, water tower and beach
Captured as impressionistic painter saw
Dream your day, the shore’s out of reach
Write her down, close to the ground
Where the most obvious of answers
Keep falling in between
The words not spoken, lost to sound
And ample thoughts to dread
Have clock tick-tock-ticking
Until time for bed



From send to receive
How do we perceive

Source of misunderstanding
Or comfort, or branding
When spoken or read
In a brawl, or just said

You can use them, or weigh them
To explain or negate
To reach out or pontificate
Tweak them, tweet them
Hide behind logo, omen, symbol, sign
Either as evil or benign

They are a form of art
And intellect’s start
Distinctively setting homo sapiens apart
As language was key
To evolution, history
But also made wars come to be

Ambiguously used
Verbal bliss or abuse
In a letter or ruse
Above all to be heard
Sometimes to point of absurd
Or to support vision blurred

We need them, we feed them
We do like to shout
But if no one receives them
They were maybe too loud

Sometimes silence can say more
Reveal a hidden core
A space galore
To be filled again with more

Silence is golden, and a good place to start
Because listening can be hard
And many fail to do
No need to devalue

But sometimes all is said
And it’s time for quiet instead

A = x+y+z


Now there was a man
With a face like a roadmap
And a mind so sublime
Understood the dimension of time
Driven to score, but also of the humble kind

So Einstein took upon himself the quest
To figure out how universe works
‘Some things need ratification
Let me work out the equation.’

E=MC squared,
C explained to be the set speed of light.
Thus when matter is much, energy is high.
That’s some physics all right,
But it hasn’t outdone
The work of Isaac Newton
What goes up must come down
Gravity makes the world go round
It’s a roller coaster ride

This law of mechanics
Needs some relativity
So for a quantum leap
What parameters should I keep?
I’ll take to mathematics
With all its useful antics

If A=X+Y+Z
Are all of them known?
Are some of them off?
What am I being shown?
How do I call the universe’s bluff?

If X and Y are joined
And I put two and two together
While silence denotes Z…
Well, let me see…
Must I then take the root
Or square them to shoot
This ball into the net?

What do I subtract
How separate fiction from fact?
Do I go for the integral equation
Or first tackle long division?

I know if I fix this
I’ll be greeted with pomp
And a Nobel Prize of Physics
But it’s not what I want
Politics are only for now
Equations…for eternity they stand

So I am driven to get it
And I am destined to score
I will solve this equation
And before all dissolves
I will bring to the fore:

All problems have a solution
In the heart of mankind
From the power of the human mind
Imagination is greater than knowledge
As some things will be kept unsolved
And the mystery, the trust, the intuition
Are a most important addition
To acquire the desired:

Or to quote Einstein, who was a poet in his own right:
If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.