Where teardrops fell


I heard a teardrop fall
and in my mind
I traced its line
downward on the face it traveled
like a thread of life unraveled
before it landed
on the floor.

I heard a teardrop fall
and in my mind
I saw how it could be.
A vision set free
Only one thought emerged:
‘I wish I could be there’.

That day I gave way
to a boy that rode his bike
He smiled as if to say
‘Your heart will serve you right.’

There’s a place, a space, a time
and this has only just begun.
The ocean deep, the ocean wide
but one day I’ll feel the sun.

Obscured from sight,
just below the surface,
there’s a growing light
and an eternal furnace.

I heard a teardrop fall
and in my heart
I felt the truth
that ties me to the quest
from past to east and future to west,
to find the peaceful eye
inside every storm.

I heard a teardrop fall
and in my heart
I felt the sorrow
that comes along with choice.
With a world to rejoice,
the only thing still missing,
is I am not really there.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

A world all my own


Hidden in the shadow,
teardrops get lost,
to eyes out of sight.
A world of night.

And the moon cries,
like the wolf that howls.
No meat, just bone.
A world all alone.

Where feet fall,
words fell,
from lips in defiance.
A world of silence

The heart chills,
but its beat moves on.
Put ear to the ground.
A world far from sound.

Illuminate, radiate,
and still it is dark.
Look at it closely.
A world you see,

Does not include me,
but I point up to the stars.
At fingertips is sown,
a world all my own.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

Opening night at the zoo


The zoo.
A trip around the world – oh glee! –
for those deprived or with no ability
to travel and see
gorilla, giraffe or elephant
in their natural habitat.

A far away place that is lost
to the animals concerned,
as they live purely on display,
to get captured by flash fotography,
expected to pose in a nicely adorned array.

Monkeys up in the trees
and we don’t give a monkeys
that they have lost their liberties.
Predators prevented to bite, or chase,
to hunt, growl or show any trace
of what comes natural to all but
Us, who are so out of touch with nature.
What do they serve to showcase?

Aren’t we – the humans – a breed superior!
We are of course earth’s benefactor.
But, that is only the exterior.
A story that lulls our minds
until Amazon and reason
reach extinction.

No difference between
a gorilla in a cage,
or a film star amidst red carpet rage.
Except, she has opening night.

As lights and teeth flash,
all apes have their bash.
And all who watch and see
believe they have a right to be
there to pry, to vie
for such attention.

It’s the right to… What?
Entertainment? Education?
Is it an augmentation of reality,
or a momentary lapse of sanity?

See how those rainforests blossom!
Imagine earth as God’s zoo.
Would (s)he enjoy the view?
Would you?

©2014, Myriam Heffels




Plus flips to minus
Subject much discussed
But, as with desire

What if tables turned?
Who does she think she is?
A scientist?!

an optical illusion.
Distance to equality
equals quantum leap

The violation
of atomic unification?
Just theory, not validation.

But, proven law:
Opposites attract
and complement.
All atoms
in a state of clarity
honour parity.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

Aries (and the sun is waiting)


The door opens.
Freedom on wheels.
And the sun is waiting.

With a grin stretched
from ear to ear.
So wide, the girl met
returns it in surprise.

As a woman in white
empties her bucket,
balloons float mid air
and the child looks up in wonder
and reminds of the one
she will soon kiss.
And the sun is waiting.

Acceleration, elation.
In fifth gear today.
Past grass that is waving,
swing from blossomed tree
and the speed of life
turns all lights to green.

On the eve of the fools,
she now counts the days.
Four more,
for a new year to score,
on the approach of half time
change of order proceeds.
And the sun is waiting.

Initiation anew.
Miles done,
mountains to come.
And the sun
promises a life of fun
as it rules Aries.

©2014, Myriam Heffels

The lady with the clump foot


‘In a vacuum,
there’s no travel of sound.
So is mustn’t have been loud.
But we now know
The bang was big’,
Said the lady with the clump foot

‘It took many years
Scholars scratching heads
Professors theorising strings
But they couldn’t measure threads
As all just keeps expanding.’

‘Einstein was a clever fellow.
He saw all is relative.
And cosmology
breeds anything but misanthropy
As proved by the isotropy
Since that bang,
we move in equal directions.
But walls around all sections
Obscure that view’

‘We’re all in a giant micro wave
A nuclear mess no summit can stem
Eons ago it fried a chicken from hell
And his mates, in meteoric mayhem
While here we are and we can’t even save
My foot!’

‘All this knowledge, yet I’m still limping’,
and she pointed at the clump.
Honestly, no one has a clue!
Most of us are numb.
Either we think, or we do
But how do we connect the two?’

‘You needn’t sympathise with my plight
Because I think on my feet
And I consider myself blessed!
See the world race past like rats, obsessed
But disconnected from the need
I can calculate the speed of light
And then shine it in the night.’

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

The orchids have died


The orchids have died
Withered, dried
No care could have saved them
Even if we tried

They were tended and grown
By a delicate hand
Once only a sprig
In a faraway land

Flown to the realm
Of the folk who have all
And believe to command
With immunity to fall

But when blue birds are silenced
And speech of freedom is lost
The beauty of Phaleonopsis
Cannot meet the cost

So a forest of colour
Has grown out of sight
And with the death of honour
Seems forlorn at onset of night

But behold, there is light!
When those of lesser valour
Fall and expose their hollow plight
All eyes opened by the horror
That can no more be denied…

Now the orchids have died
Water stopped flowing and they dried
None alone could ever save them
And survive this ferocious pesticide

But it is not too late
Remember how once before began
Don’t press repeat, turn fate
Of this forest of colour
Redeem our honour
See the exotic flowers blossom
Anew. As now we fathom
And now we have tried

© 2014, Myriam Heffels



‘What are you doing Henry!?’, she asked
As she walked towards him on the Head
‘I have to go’, Henry replied with troubled heart
The wind sent her the words he said

‘But Henry…I’ve had a lovely time.’
She continued, now in reach to touch his arm
‘And I want to see you again.
And again, and again!’ she laughed with charm
‘But let’s just enjoy this beautiful day.
You never know how many you have left.
Nothing lasts forever they say.’

He looked at her with tenderness
And suddenly seemed
A little less bereft

The waves and the camera were rolling
As the scene slowly did unfold
At the end of another beginning
The parallel to this story told.

Some talk of ships passing in the night
Yet they seemed like kites
In the sun, with the wind that blew
they flew
Not holding on to each others tails
But their fates are intertwined
By invisible strings as nothing fails
And every downward fall
Will see them upwards blowing,
onwards growing
That is how things must be
A simple case of destiny

The sun embraced Henry’s silhouette
A shadow fell from behind
He seemed an image from the past,
On the Head that met their mind
Her presence there was as should be
Comforting resemblance in the effigy

The wind was silent, the sea so calm
Even nature had resigned
Nothing lasts forever, no.
But this life has been so kind
To grant the wind beneath their wings
So their kites can fly with solid strings
That tie one heart, one mind.

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

Initiation of a crowd


As night falls, they gather
From all corners, donating alms
To a secret communion
In the realms,
the great dominion
Of the entertaining halls

From the front of the stalls
The countless bobbing heads
Seem an undetermined crowd
All came in by number
Minds still on the day
But faces already less grey

Hostess gives a shout
‘Ladies and gentlemen!’
The rest is tuned out
Just like the day
A seat situation unfolds
Bit of fuss created
As the ticket holds
A rightful place debated

Meanwhile program is sold
The essence of commerce
Accepted as part of play
At only four quid
There’s no reason to deny it
And we want this communion to stay

Then some are told
To not trip up the plot
While Helen sorts the seated lot
And Liam’s quite the organiser
The wave moves one up
And Ann is happy to snuggle in

Discussion still goes on
Concluded with ‘what a mess,
but my oh my, Helen, well done’
Chitter chatter diminishes, then is gone.
Finally. Let it begin.
Oh, first two laggards are ushered in…

Now all is really set
Lights go down, lights go up
The crowd is met
And in silence it lets
The magic happen

This secret crowd communion,
In the realms, this dominion
Brings tears, roars and sniggers
Moves the individual
Has world outside forgotten

At least until the interval

© 2014, Myriam Heffels

An angel’s lament


The angel looked down
And she saw with a frown:
‘Another vigil,
Another hero gone.
She was someone’s daughter.
He was someone’s son.’

‘They could have lived,
They could have walked
The earth that now entrenches their soul.
For they could not pass by the call
Of anger displayed
From fear and dismay.’
A world gone crazy
From power we all set free:
The madness of the despot,
The necessity of riot,
The lure of uproar,
The promise of war.

Jesus turned the other cheek
Now we think that he was weak
Isn’t it funny we forget,
How he then rose from his death?
He chose not to perpetuate the thread
Of violence, and pain that still is spread
Through ages and eons.
Children with guns.
On, and on, and on.
It will never be done,
Unless we stop reacting.
See the value of not acting
With weapon, fist, or word
To dispute and fight another war.

All for the sake of nothing
But the presumption of revenge.
The enemy percieved
Seemingly out there,
Actually nowhere.
Only wrath within,
Requital for an invisible sin.
She got caught, he was killed.
They left behind an empty space,
That for years could have been filled
By their asset to the human race.

Now a mother is left to cry
And the angel sighs ‘Why?’
Joy and peace are not allowed,
When the hero is created
By the power of the crowd
And the mind is boggled
By a cause that leads to doubt.
Victory demands prevalence
And reason is no longer found.

Our minds have us deceived,
So we squander lives received
And leave ourselves bereaved.
The angel never conceived…
Jesus’ words are vehemently preached
While our hearts remain beseiged.

Countless heros gone
And the count still goes on.
‘When will it be done?
Who dares to break the spell?
Stop this self-fulfilling prophecy of Hell?’
The angel thought aggrieved:
‘Heaven could be Earth if they believed’

©2014, Myriam Heffels